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Solving problems for businesses in times of succes and times of trouble

Attorney Ken Hairston represents businesses in the areas of business, corporate, and real estate. 

Attorney Ken Hairston

Meet Attorney

Ken Hairston

With over 25 years’ of diverse legal experience, attorney Ken Hairston now focuses on solving problems and making an impact for plaintiffs, businesses and attorneys who benefit from his unique perspective.

Business & Corporate

Whether it is in times of success or times of trouble, businesses and corporations 

sometimes need the help of an experienced corporate attorney or business lawyer. 

Attorney Ken Hairston is experienced representing small and large businesses. He routinely assists businesses and corporations with:

  • Corporate issues such as financing, general business planning, recordkeeping, shareholder issues and corporate governance

  • Employment matters such as EEOC, workplace disputes, and workplace investigations

  • Ethics and compliance issues such as regulatory compliance, regulatory violations, Section 1983 claims, and Title VII matters

  • Formation and structure of new businesses such as limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, and corporations

  • Mergers and acquisitions

Real Estate

Every business, if it is successful, experiences growing pains. Those growing pains can cause new needs for real estate acquisition, development, and leasing. 

Attorney Ken Hairston is experienced at representing businesses and corporations with real estate matters, including:

  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts

  • Preparation of licenses and memorandum agreements

  • Providing oversight in procurement process

  • Represent businesses in property acquisition and real estate matters

  • Litigating landlord and tenant matters

Business & Corporate
Real Estate
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