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Solving Problems.

Making an


Attorney Ken Hairston is a problem solver and an impact maker for individuals, businesses, and attorneys. 


Solving problems for individuals and their families dealing with auto accidents, personal injury, civil rights, defective drugs and medical devices, employment law, estate and probate matters, insurance claims, defective products, and workers’ compensation matters


Solving problems for businesses in times of succes and times of trouble in business, corporate, and real estate matters


Enhancing a legal team's impact in a wide variety of matters needing a unique and diverse perspective

attorney ken hairston


With over 25 years of diverse legal experience, attorney Ken Hairston now focuses on solving problems and making an impact for plaintiffs, businesses and attorneys who benefit from his unique perspective.


He focuses on the areas of auto accidents, personal injury, civil litigation, civil rights, business and corporate, compliance, consumer protection, defective drugs and devices, employment law, products liability, estate and probate matters, and workers’ compensation.

In addition to his experience in private practice, Ken has previously served as university counsel, agency counsel for housing authorities, and prosecutor for municipal government clients.

Family Tradition of Community

Service & the Law

Learn more about how attorney Ken Hairston followed in his father's footsteps of serving his community as a lawyer.

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